‘You’re Ducking!’ Hannity Locks Horns with Tulsi Gabbard, Who Dodges His Question About Aid to Ukraine Five Times

'You're Ducking!' Hannity Locks Horns with Tulsi Gabbard, Who Dodges His Question About Aid to Ukraine Five Times

Sean Hannity interviewed former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) to discuss Russia’s war on Ukraine Thursday night in what was a crosstalk-riddled appearance.

The Fox News host asked Gabbard her position on the United States sending military aid to Ukraine. He did so five times because she refused to answer the question outright. Instead, Gabbard stated the best course of action is for Ukrainians to take a dive because Russia will ultimately win anyway.

Hannity has long advocated stepping up military aid to Ukraine amid Russia’s ongoing and stalled invasion, though he has said repeatedly he would not send U.S. soldiers to the country.

“We can’t be the world’s policeman,” Hannity told Gabbard. “You and I agree on that part. We can’t. But however, we are a nation that has a conscience and a soul.”

The host referenced the images of death and destruction that have emerged in the wake of Russia’s invasion.

“Does America at least have a moral obligation to assist a country that’s willing to fight for itself to defend their natural rights?” he asked.

Gabbard dodged and said the war should have been prevented in this first place.

“I agree with that, but I’m looking at where we are now,” Hannity interjected.

“So am I,” she replied.

“But what you see with your own eyes and what we’re showing every night,” he continued. “Is there a moral obligation and is it wise and strategically beneficial to the world and including the United States to stop this megalomaniac, murdering thug right here, right now with the Ukrainians willing to fight if they only had the weapons?”

“We have to look at the world as it exists in reality,” she said. “Not the world that we wish existed.”

“You’re ducking!” he shot back. “Tulsi, I’m asking a real question here.”

“I’m trying to answer your question,” she went on. “The cruelty is to pretend to the Ukrainian people that they are going to win in a war against a nuclear armed country that is out-equipped, that has stronger equipment, more tanks, more bombs, more planes, more people, more everything in Russia. It’s just not realistic.”

“So, I wanna be clear,” said Hannity, “Give them nothing because Russia has nukes and they might use them? That’s your answer?”

“We’ve provided a tremendous amount of support to Ukraine,” Gabbard said. “Not only now, but over the years so that they have the ability to defend themselves and the Ukrainians–”

“You’re not answering, “an exasperated Hannity noted. “Should we give them the weapons to win the war? They’re doing a great job. Everybody acknowledges that.”

“They can’t win this war, Sean,” said Gabbard. “This is the real world that we live in. It’s not strategically possible to think that Ukraine is going to beat Russia.”

Gabbard went on to say that the U.S., NATO, and Russia negotiate a settlement to the conflict.

Hannity asked Gabbard a fifth time if the U.S. should provide weapons to Ukraine.

“You do not think we should provide them the weapons to defend themselves? Yes or no.”

“We are trying to accomplish and end to this war,” she responded. “It is cruel to make the Ukrainian people believe that somehow they are going to win this war by prolonging it and that’s what you are talking about here. It would prolong this war, prolong suffering, more lives lost in the end.”

Hannity pointed out that Putin seems uninterested in negotiating. Indeed he has offered terms that would essentially end Ukrainian sovereignty, and as such are ones he likely doesn’t expect Ukraine to accept.

Watch above via Fox News.

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