Young Turks Host Cenk Uygur Hilariously Claims He Would “End” Joe Rogan In A Fistfight

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Cenk Uygur, the far-left host of the Young Turks podcast, made headlines Friday after laughably claiming he would easily defeat top podcast host Joe Rogan in a fight.

“I’m much larger than Joe and I’ve fought my whole life. I’d end him,” the 51-year-old Uygur boldly stated during a back-and-forth with random Twitter users.

The remark was made after a Rogan fan told Cenk he’d donate $1,000 to his network if he called Joe a “loser” to his face.

“Deal,” Uygur gave his word to the Twitter user. “Easiest $1,000 I ever made. You think he’s going to assault me? Sure, whatever. That’s incredibly dumb. But also wouldn’t work. I’m much larger than Joe and I’ve fought my whole life. I’d end him. But grownups don’t do that. I’ll send you the PO Box to send check to later.”

Aside from hosting one of the most popular shows in the world, Rogan also commentates UFC fights, has experience in karate, wrestling, Muay Thai, and boxing, and holds a black belt in both Taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu.

On top of the extensive martial arts background, Rogan is only three years older than Uygur and is in infinitely better shape.

Another Twiter user noted that Cenk is only an inch taller than Rogan and posted a video of Joe competing in a tournament where he won with a vicious spinning back kick.

Proving we truly live in a small world, Rogan’s pal Alex Jones almost got into it with Uygur during the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election in a historically viral video.

Needless to say, this writer would take the $1,000 bet on Jones Vs. Uygur and might drop 10k on a Rogan Vs. Uygur bout.


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