Veteran Denied Meal After Refusing to Show Vaccine Proof At Restaurant

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A Canadian military veteran named Bryan Marr posted a video to his Facebook page on Thursday showing a restaurant denying him service on Remembrance Day because he wouldn’t show a vaccine passport.

Canada’s Remembrance Day is similar to America’s Veterans Day in that it celebrates the nations’ military vets.

Exposing the discrimination people are forced to deal with thanks to Covid regulations, Marr entered a gas station restaurant wearing military attire and war medals on the holiday.

After telling the hostess he refused to provide personal medical information to her, the employee told Marr he couldn’t be seated.

At this point, the pissed-off veteran walked through the aisles of the establishment, telling the camera, “A two-time war vet can’t come into this restaurant and have a meal… I’m a two-time war vet, I can’t sit down in this restaurant and eat a meal with these people that are basically sitting on top of each other.”

“What a nice Remembrance Day it is,” he added.

Marr found a manager and informed her he’d been denied service for failing to provide his medical information, but she also refused him service.

When she asked for his proof of vaccination, he responded, “I can provide you with my war medals where I fought and watched my friends get ripped into shreds so that you guys can refuse me a meal on Remembrance Day.”

The manager claimed she was only “following rules,” and Marr wisely told her she’s choosing to “follow rules over doing what you know is right in your heart.”

“So this is what Remembrance Day looks like in 2021,” he wrote on Facebook. “Rules. Not logic not love just rules. Rules that are so contradicting that’s it’s more difficult to enforce them than follow them. So difficult that our leader #justintrudea is struggling to follow them himself pro patria.”

The video has gone viral, and Marr released another video addressing the incident.


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