Trump Tells John Daly on Speakerphone That Putin ‘Was a Friend of Mine’ and Claims He Threatened to Bomb Moscow

Donald Trump with John Daly

Donald Trump told golfer John Daly that he “got along great” with Vladimir Putin and claimed he once told the Russian president he’d “hit Moscow” if Putin ever stirred up trouble.

A video posted to the @nopopsgolf Instagram records part of a phone call between Trump and Daly in which the former president is on speakerphone giving his thoughts on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the golfer and his associates.

TRUMP: They’re all saying, “Oh, he’s a nuclear power. It’s like they’re afraid of him. You know, he was a friend of mine. I got along great with him. I say, “Vladimir, if you do it, we’re hitting Moscow.” I said, “We’re gonna hit Moscow.” And he sort of believed me, like 5%, 10%. That’s all you need. He never did it during my time, John, you know. We’re all talking about it. He didn’t do this during the last four years because he knew he couldn’t.

DALY: It’s funny how (President) Xi didn’t bother you either.

TRUMP: Yeah, no, Xi didn’t bother me. I told him the same thing. You, that’ll be next. You know, that’s gonna be next. Taiwan will be next. You won’t have any computer chips. They’ll blow them off the face of the Earth.

Russia invaded Ukraine last week. After initially facing stiff resistance, Putin has escalated his military’s attacks and has been bombing residential areas and killing civilians. The invasion has prompted the U.S., the European Union, and other entities to impose sanctions on Russia.

During his presidency, Trump repeatedly praised Putin. Notably during the infamous Helsinki Summit in 2018, Trump said he believed Putin when he told him Russia did not interfere in the 2016 presidential election. Trump also lauded the Russian president last week, telling an audience at Mar-a-Lago that Putin is “smart” because “he’s taking over a country for two dollars worth of sanctions.”

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