Thread: The Globalists Want Everyone To Forget What Was Done In The Name Of Covid

Thread: The Globalists Want Everyone To Forget What Was Done In The Name Of Covid

A viral Twitter thread focuses on some of the atrocious actions taken by governments and covered up by media outlets during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Posted by “Sir Thadwick Of Hodlton,” the discussion begins, “Now that covid is over, here is a thread of everything they want you to forget…”

In Australia, rescue dogs were shot dead, residents were forced into quarantines and facial recognition apps tracked citizens to ensure they didn’t leave home.

The thread continues to highlight the absurd lengths some people went to stay masked, government officials “allowing” people to kiss on dates and telling “hero” nurses that they’re “replaceable” if unvaccinated.

The global establishment “canceled” several major holidays, and forced its medical tyranny on most professional sports leagues.

Both the psychological and physical abuse of children during the pandemic was rampant, systemic and well-documented.

Multiple photos in the thread expose the hypocrisy of mask-loving leftists tossing them into the streets of the world, creating a new form of pollution.

The unvaccinated will never forget the shame, ostracization and pure hatred levied against them by the media and their fellow citizens.

Mainstream media constantly engaged in fearmongering regarding the low death rate virus and covered up the links to obesity and pre-existing comorbidities.

There were also several outright lies spread by the federal government and media, such as claiming the vaccinated can’t spread Covid and that all three vaccines were “100 percent” effective against death and hospitalization.

The CDC fought to keep data on the booster shot’s effectiveness for most Americans under wraps, people were denied medical care due to vaccine status and unhealthy people lorded over some of the planet’s most physically fit humans.

Police precincts across the globe turned into pawns of the medical tyrants and government experts continuously moved the goalposts regarding “safety” measures.

The pandemic was used by the establishment to get people used to the police state, spy state and other Orwellian governmental measures.

Unmasked or unvaccinated citizens of nations around the world have been beaten and arrested for their personal beliefs and decisions.

People who tried to peacefully resist the first phase of the Great Reset were met with riot police, economic attacks and arrest.

The Covid era did not lack its share of cringeworthy moments and news segments.

Covid regulations kept some elderly people from eating at public restaurants and had police hunt down teens despite knowing they were Covid negative.

Share this well-documented thread to keep the horrific actions of the government and media in the memories of the people as the elite try to move on to the next chapter of the Great Reset.

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