‘Russian Forces… Were Too Gentle’ on Ukraine, Says Former Trump Official, Who Calls Zelensky a ‘Puppet’

‘Russian Forces… Were Too Gentle’ on Ukraine, Says Former Trump Official, Who Calls Zelensky a 'Puppet'

When Russia invaded Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky faced a choice: capitulate and hope Vladimir Putin takes mercy on his country, or fight back to try to repel the more powerful enemy.

Had Zelensky chosen the former, the decision would have been understandable. Few would blame him for trying to spare Ukraine from a brutal war. Had he chosen the latter, no one would chastise him for defending his country against foreign invaders led by a tyrant.

Well, almost no one.

Retired U.S. Army Col. Douglas Macgregor, who served as an advisor at the Department of Defense during the Trump administration, said that Zelensky’s resistance is foolish and that he is not a hero. Moreover, he said, Russia was “too gentle” on the Ukrainians during the initial phase of the invasion.

Appearing on Fox Business on Friday, Macgregor stated that the Russians “have now corrected” their strategy now that they have intensified their attacks.

“Mr. Zelensky, I think, is postponing the inevitable in the hopes that we are going to rescue him,” Macgregor said. “And we are not coming. President Biden has made that very clear.”

Host Stuart Varney asked Macgregor if he thinks the end is near.

Here was his reply and the subsequent exchange:

MACGREGOR: Well, the end of this phase is still a few days away. The first five days, Russian forces I think, frankly, were too gentle. They’ve now corrected that. So I would say another 10 days, this should be completely over. But the question is, what is it that Zelensky going to do? The Russians have made it very clear what they want is a neutral Ukraine. This could’ve ended days ago if he accepted that. And then they can adjust the borders, but the eastern part of Ukraine is firmly in Russian hands, but again, the Russians are not seizing territory. They’re destroying Ukrainian forces. That’s their focus.

VARNEY: Colonel, it sounds like you don’t approve of Zelensky’s stand.

MACGREGOR: Oh, I think Zelensky is a puppet. And he is putting huge numbers of his own population at unnecessary risk, and quite frankly, most of what comes out of Ukraine is debunked as lies within 24 to 48 hours. The notions of taking and retaking airfields, all of this is nonsense. It hasn’t happened.

VARNEY: He’s not a hero? He’s standing up for himself and his own people. You don’t think he’s a hero?

MACGREGOR: No, I do not. I don’t see anything heroic about the man. And I think the most heroic thing that he can do right now is to come to terms with reality. Neutralize Ukraine. This is not a bad thing. A neutral Ukraine would be good for us as well as for Russia. It would create the buffer that, frankly, both sides want. But he’s, I think, being told to hang on and try to drag this out, which is tragic for the people that have to live through this.

VARNEY: I am inclined to disagree with you, colonel, but, you know, we’ll see how this works out.

Macgregor did not specify how Ukraine was not being “neutral” prior to Russia invading it. Presumably, for him “neutral” means relinquishing sovereignty and doing what the autocrat next door wants you to do.

Watch above via Fox Business Network.

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.


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