Pro-Impeachment GOP Rep Targeted by Trump Revenge Rally Just Formed Joint Funding Venture with Liz Cheney

Pro-Impeachment GOP Rep Targeted by Trump Revenge Rally Just Formed Joint Funding Venture with Liz Cheney

Ohio Republican Anthony Gozalez and Wyoming (checks latest updates) still-Republican Liz Cheney have formed a joint fundraising committee ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

The two Donald Trump foils have joined together for fundraising, according to an aide, because “some donors wanted to write checks to both of them,” and this is a way to do that.

That aide is right that funds have rolling in for Republicans who are on the outs with the Trump party. By April it was already clear big dollars were headed to the pro-impeach, anti-rally crowd. Which is certainly one of the reasons the ex-president will be doing political rallies once more.

Tonight, Trump is holding a big one in Cleveland. Big, in the sense of the importance to determining how the primaries are going to go down in the GOP. It remains to be seen if it will be big in the “Trump points to the crowd and claims the media will never show video of many of you are here” sense of big.

Like most political coverage, the Associated Press on Friday referred to today’s event as a “revenge rally,” which it obviously is, because it is openly designed to target. Rep. Gonzalez and raise funds for his Trump-ordained challenger, Max Miller.

Miller is a former Trump aide and announced his run in Ohio’s 16th earlier this year, based almost entirely on the grounds that Gonzalez opposed Trump and voted for impeachment.

Speaking with the Washington Times this week ahead of Saturday’s Trump booster, Miller said, “I have no other interest in doing this other than to serve the people of the 16th District and get an ‘America First’ conservative in Congress and get one who is a so-called Republican out.”

If that signal isn’t clear enough, Doug Deeken, chair of the Wayne County, Ohio GOP, said that if Gonzalez loses to his challenger, “it is because of that vote — there is no question.”

“Aside from that (impeachment) vote, he has been a very good congressman,” said Deken. The Ohio GOP censured Gonzalez for that vote.

Speaking to Newsmax on Friday, Trump said that “Fake Republicans, anybody that voted for the impeachment doesn’t get” his endorsement.

“But there weren’t too many of them. And I think most of them are being, if not all, are being primaried right now, so that’s good,” said Trump. “I’ll be helping their opponent.”

The MAGA rally on Saturday will be held at the Lorain County Fairgrounds about 40 minutes outside Cleveland. Trump is scheduled to speak at 7pm.

David Arredondo, chair of the Lorain Republican party, said of the event in his county that “There is no doubt that the priority is to elect Republicans in 2022. This is the start of that.”

The rally revenge tour is the leading edge of the fight for Trumpism to retain control of the GOP. The joint fundraising committee formed by Cheney and Gonzalez is a salvo from the other side.

It’s not really just 2022’s party, or the make-up of the House, on the line. It’s the fight for 2024 and beyond that is now joined.

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