OPINION: Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich Asks Psaki Repulsive Question About National Guardsmen Who Drowned In Border Rescue Attempt

OPINION: Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich Asks Psaki Repulsive Question About National Guardsmen Who Drowned In Border Rescue Attempt

Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki a repulsive question about the drowning death of Texas National Guard Specialist Bishop Evans.

Specialist Evans died after he dove into the Rio Grande to rescue a pair of migrants who appeared to be in trouble as they tried to cross into the United States.

At Monday’s press briefing, Heinrich began her questioning by offering Psaki “the opportunity to say some words” about the tragedy.

Psaki told Heinrich that “our heart goes out to his family and to his loved ones,” and recounted some details about the story.

“(H)e went missing on Friday, following his selfless efforts to rescue two migrants who appeared to be drowning who were trying to cross a river in Mexico that went to the United States — went into the U.S., of course,” Psaki said. “We know that National Guard personnel, including — including him, risk their lives every day to serve and protect others. And again, our hearts go out to his family.”

That’s when Heinrich made a disgusting leap, suggesting at length that President Joe Biden and his administration are responsible for Specialist Evans’ death. Psaki pushed back:

MS. HEINRICH: Does the White House feel any responsibility for his death, given that there’s reporting that he lost his life allegedly trying to save two migrants who were smuggling drugs? This is a problem that, you know, the administration has been facing for some time and is obviously, as we’ve been discussing, getting some criticism on. Is — does the White House feel at all responsible? And what — what more can you offer to people who, you know, are on the border, in border communities, who are experiencing loss and trials like this?

MS. PSAKI: Well, of course, we are mourning the loss of his life and we are grateful for the work of every National Guardsman. I would note that the National Guard worked for the states, and so he is an employee of the Tex- — Texas National Guard, and his efforts and his operation were directed by there, not by the federal government, in this — in this effort, in this apparatus.

We’ve — we’ve long stated that our immigration system is broken. There needs to be more done to invest in smarter security, to have a more effective asylum processing system. And we would welcome any efforts to — for any elected officials to work with us on that.

MS. HEINRICH: A lot of the border communities often, you know, say that they have requested more from — from the federal government — more manpower to help manage these kinds of — these kinds of issues. Is that being looked at? Is that being — is that being —

MS. PSAKI: Can you give me a more specific request or a specific person or —

MS. HEINRICH: Well, you mentioned that, you know, this — this Specialist was a National Guard. Obviously, you know, the state is in charge of that. States are in charge of that. But there have been requests from the Texas governor, from — you know, to send more — you know, to help people who are in this position at the border, who are now trying to deal with an influx of migrants that they know is going to only increase, as you just mentioned, after Title 42 is lifted.

You talked about having a humanitarian, you know, sort of, system in place to deal with people coming across and increase vaccinations and that kind of thing. But in terms of, you know, law enforcement presence at the border.

MS. PSAKI: Well, I would just say — if we just dial it back a few years to, kind of, what we inherited here — the former President invested billions of dollars in a border wall that was never going to work or be effective, instead of working towards comprehensive immigration reform.

As part of the President’s proposal he put forward on his first day in office, he proposed investing in smarter security at the border — something he’d be happy to work with governors on. And — and certainly we’re open to having that conversation whenever they’re ready to do that.

As Psaki pointed out, the young man was literally put in the position to make that rescue attempt by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, whose “Operation  Lone Star” has deployed thousands of guardsmen to the border since last March — a deployment that has resulted in what noted liberal rag The Army Times calls a “morale crisis,”  and which has been accompanied by a raft of other servicemember deaths. The Army Times reports that many members of the mission consider it a “political ploy” by Abbott.

No straight reporter would ever suggest that Abbott is responsible for Specialist Evans’ death without direct evidence supporting that charge. But even in the realm of opinion, there’s nothing to suggest that any policy from Abbott or Biden, or anyone else, would have prevented a death like this. Crossings of this sort have been going on since there’s been a border. And no American would expect another American to stand by and watch fellow human beings drown without trying to help.

Fox News argued with Psaki when she generously tried to absolve Peter Doocy for the nakedly partisan way he asks questions, but the best thing anyone could think about Doocy or Heinrich when they personalize their attacks in this way is that they’re just following orders. I’m sure that’s a belief that Psaki must cling to in order to maintain a decent working relationship with these two on a daily basis.

But I don’t. Shame on them.

Watch above via The White House and Reuters.

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.


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