Oops Moment After Fox & Friends Co-Host Refers to GOP House Candidate as Hispanic: ‘Well I’m Not Hispanic’

Oops Moment After Fox & Friends Co-Host Refers to GOP House Candidate as Hispanic: ‘Well I’m Not Hispanic’

Fox & Friends had a small gaffe on Sunday when host Rachel Campos-Duffy mistakenly identified a guest as Hispanic and asked her why Hispanic people are leaving the Democratic party.

The remark came during a panel of three conservative women who are running for Congress. At the beginning of the segment, Campos-Duffy noted that “after a record 32 GOP female candidates were elected to Congress in 2020, this year is expected to be another year of Republican women.”

“You are Hispanic,” Campos-Duffy said to congressional candidate Amanda Adkins. “And it’s no surprise from these polls, Hispanics are fleeing the Democrat party. Tell me why you’re running and why you think Hispanics are so dissatisfied with the country right now and the policies from coming from the Democrat party.”

However, Adkins, the former chair of the Kansas Republican Party who is running in Kansas’s third congressional district, is not Hispanic.

“Well I’m not Hispanic,” Adkins replied, before highlighting that her district “tends to have very independent-minded voters, inclusive of a decent-sized Hispanic community here in Kansas City, Missouri.”

“Here’s the most important thing I can tell your viewers this morning, people in this country are incredibly frustrated,” she said, before going on to recount a conversation she had with someone who previously voted for Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids.

In 2020, incumbent Davids beat Adkins in the general election with 53.6% of the vote, compared to Adkins’ 43.6%.

Adkins mentioned impacts of current inflation before highlighting a few Hispanic women who are running for Congress.

“I think one of the wonderful things about this election cycle is that the GOP has recruited a lot of women who are diverse, who have significant experience, and we’re all problem solvers,” Adkins said. “I would like to highlight that there are some…Latina business leaders who are running in the United States. A couple of really great ones, Monica De La Cruz in Texas is running. And in addition to her, Tanya Wheeless in Arizona, also a business leader, would be the first Latina in Arizona to be elected to serve in Congress. And that’s both parties. So we have a very diverse set of candidates.”

After Adkins finished, Campos-Duffy then asked a question of another candidate on the panel and did not address her mistake.

Watch above, via Fox News

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