No Vax, No Food! NYPD Tickets Wheelchair-Bound Woman With Cerebral Palsy, Arrests 11 Other Activists On MLK Day

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A group of activists in New York City got arrested Monday night after daring to try and order food at a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant without showing vaccine passports.

An employee of the food chain was filmed refusing to serve the unvaccinated citizens.

Independent photographer Leeroy Johnson filmed as police told a pair of black activists they had to leave the restaurant as the staff would not serve them.

This incident ironically took place on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

In a society where it is illegal to deny someone service based on the color of their skin, the officer failed to realize the ridiculousness of telling the black woman “if they don’t want to serve you, you gotta go to another restaurant.”

In 2022, it’s not race-based discrimination, it’s a state-sanctioned prejudice against the unvaccinated we are seeing.

After refusing to leave the restaurant in protest of the discriminatory vaccine passport “law”, police made at least twelve arrests.

One of the demonstrators, Julie, has cerebral palsy and gets around in an electric wheelchair.

Julie told the camera that because of her condition, the officers gave her a summons to appear in court instead of hauling her to jail.

A courageous freedom fighter, Julie told officers she wanted to “be with the people” and get taken to the jail with her fellow protesters.

Another videographer captured footage of the arrests and talked with locals about their views on the civil disobedience.

One man suggested the officers ask themselves how they got to the point of arresting people for trying to eat at restaurants.

Footage shows the manpower the NYPD wasted to arrest the activists as several police units were called in amid the city’s surging crime spike.

Following the arrests, more demonstrators gathered outside the police precinct where their friends were being held.

The crowd chanted “Fuck Joe Biden,” and “Fuck Eric Adams,” as they stood outside the building.

At the end of the night, all the activists who were arrested eventually got released.

This is the type of action needed if the people are ever going to get their freedoms back.

If we do not stand now, we will not be able to fully stand up against the blatant violations of our Constitution and human rights.


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