NEW POLL: People Who Aren’t Fully Vaccinated 3 Times More Likely to Say Biden ‘Did NOT Legitimately’ Beat Trump in 2020

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L: Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images R: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Vaccine status is almost as reliable a predictor as political party of who believes President Joe Biden legitimately beat former President Donald Trump during the 2020 presidential election, and who believes he did not.

President Biden defeated Trump in an electoral landslide that has been reaffirmed over and over by state officials from Trump’s own party. But despite that fact, and more than a year after Trump’s rally to subvert the results of the 2020 presidential election culminated in a violent and deadly attack on the Capitol, adherence to the false article of faith that fueled it has only grown among Republicans.

Poll after poll shows overwhelming numbers of Republicans who falsely believe that the election was “stolen” from Trump, including one that shows only 17 percent of Republicans would even consider voting for a candidate who admits Biden won “fair and square.”

But in a new poll, vaccine status is about even with political party in determining whether this belief is held.

Respondents to a The Economist/YouGov poll published this week were asked “Would you say that Joe Biden legitimately won the election, or not?”

Every age group, every race and gender category, every geographic or income level responded, by resounding majorities, that “Biden legitimately won the election.”

All except one: White men without a college degree, by a 48% to 52% majority, say that “Biden did NOT legitimately win the election.”

White women with no college split 50/50 on the question.

Among political subgroups, Trump voters (75%), Republicans (70%), and conservatives (71%) said that “Biden did NOT legitimately win the election” by majorities.

Americans who are “not fully vaccinated” agreed by 64 percent that “Biden did NOT legitimately win the election,” within the margin of error of the Republican result. Among fully vaccinated Americans, 77 percent said Biden legitimately won, versus just 23 percent who said “Biden did NOT legitimately win the election.”

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