Maddow Puts Trump Verbal Gaffe Under the Microscope After Years of Ignoring Biden Blunders

Maddow Puts Trump Verbal Gaffe Under the Microscope After Years of Ignoring Biden Blunders

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow highlighted a verbal slip from former President Donald Trump Monday, which she found relevant despite the fact she has ignored President Joe Biden’s gaffes for years.

Trump was speaking at a rally in Ohio on Saturday when he invoked his struggling social media venture, TRUTH Social. The former president had a difficult time pronouncing the works “truth” and “social” in a sequence.

Video from the rally showed him say something to the effect of “troth sensual,” before he corrected himself.

On The Maddow Show, the host grabbed the low-hanging fruit by focusing on the flubbed delivery for a couple of minutes.

After she discussed Elon Musk’s coming $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, the host wondered how long it might be before Trump ends up back on the platform.

Trump stated on Monday afternoon that he will never return to Twitter, no matter who owns it. Maddow didn’t buy it.

“As recently as this weekend, Trump struggled to remember the name of the company he is supposedly forming to compete with Twitter,” Maddow noted, before she played a clip of the former president misspeaking.

Maddow reacted by honing in on Trump’s verbal blunder.

“By building something called troth sensual — troth, truth, troth sensual,” she said mockingly. “The name of the company is supposedly setting up is truth social, at least I thought it was, but he’s having trouble.”

Maddow then aired the clip again.

“Troth sensual, truth — whatever it is,” Maddow said. “That is his supposedly juggernaut idea for competing with Twitter. That was him this weekend unable to remember, or at least pronounce, the name of this thing he is supposedly creating, that means he doesn’t need Twitter anymore.”

Maddow’s decision to underscore several seconds of Trump’s verbal misfire is disingenuous, given Biden is known for a gaffe-laden career.

The president has a reputation for going off script, forgetting where he is and for mispronouncing words. Maddow has ignored every verbal miscue and struggle with syntax Biden has displayed since he announced his candidacy in 2019.

Here are a few recents:

Here is a bonus one from Vice President Kamala Harris, while we’re at it:

The sitting president’s episodes are so common the Washington Post published an opinion piece last month in which Henry Olsen asked people to stop excusing them.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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