Live Updates: Biden Again Warns Of ‘Real Threat’ of Chemical Warfare By Russia As He Heads To Europe

Live Updates: Biden Again Warns Of ‘Real Threat’ of Chemical Warfare By Russia As He Heads To Europe

When asked by a reporter before heading to Europe whether he’s concerned about Russia staging “chemical warfare” against the West, Joe Biden claimed such an attack is a “real threat.”

In this age of censorship and propaganda from all sides of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, it’s more important than ever to facilitate a free flow of information with videos, reports, and data points from every perspective. Only then can you truly inform yourself about what’s happening during this fluid and dangerous crisis.

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NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced the alliance will send four new battle groups to eastern member states: Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia to bolster support for Ukraine against Russia’s invasion.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will only accept rouble for gas from “unfriendly countries” in an effort to prop up the currency which has plunged because of Western economic sanctions.

“I have taken a decision to switch to ruble payments for our natural gas supplies to the so-called hostile states, stop using the compromised currencies in such transactions,” Putin said.

Notably, Europe gets 40% of its natural gas from Russia.

Russia’s Deputy UN Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy claimed Ukrainian nationalists launched an attack on the Sumykhimprom plant in northeastern Ukraine, resulting in an ammonia leak.

A top adviser to Putin has reportedly resigned and fled the country.

Footage purports to show Ukrainian forces conducting air strikes against Russian targets.

Russia has reportedly destroyed a laboratory at the Chernobyl power plant that opened in 2015, which the European Commission stated contained “highly active samples and samples of radionuclides that are now in the hands of the enemy, which we hope will harm itself and not the civilized world.”

Democrats and neocons are still calling for Biden to continue supplying Ukraine with taxpayer-funded arms and equipment.

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