Live Breaking Updates of Ukraine-Russia War — Bookmark For New Developments!

Live Breaking Updates of Ukraine-Russia War — Bookmark For New Developments!

In this age of censorship and propaganda from all sides of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, it’s more important than ever to facilitate a free flow of information with videos, reports, and data points from every perspective. Only then can you truly inform yourself about what’s happening during this fluid and dangerous crisis.

This post will be updated periodically, so bookmark this page to get the latest developments!


Nearly two weeks into the conflict, Russia has reportedly made significant advances into Ukraine and established choke points in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

Russia has begun launching cruise missiles at airfields near Kiev in response to Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated Poland or other EU nations will supply Ukraine with fighter jets.

Footage allegedly shows surface-to-air missiles shooting down a Russian helicopter and other aircraft.

This footage shows several Ukrainian tanks destroyed by Russian forces, and Ukrainian forces have captured or destroyed numerous Russian vehicles.

Video from Belgorod shows Russian heavy military artillery and equipment moving to Kharkiv.

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees have streamed into Poland over the last week.

Evacuations are still underway in several Ukrainian cities and ports amid battle.

Russian forces reportedly providing humanitarian aid in Zaporozhye.

Russia has claimed that Neo-Nazi forces have been using civilians as human shields in Mariupol despite the availability of open humanitarian escape routes.

Footage allegedly shows Ukrainian forces have captured a Russian pilot and soldiers.

One apparently captured Russian soldier claims his comrades don’t want to wage war.

Captured Ukrainian soldiers are seen speaking to relatives.

Chechen forces released a video showing a new deployment of soldiers to assist Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, a Syrian faction is reportedly deploying to aid Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

Former President Trump in a recent phone call with John Daly explained how Taiwan would likely be the next target of invasion by China, likely emboldened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russian anti-war protesters have been demonstrating in St. Petersburg and Moscow en masse.

Likewise, there are also demonstrations supporting President Vladimir Putin’s military campaign.

This tense exchange between a Ukrainian woman and French media arguing about Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky’s role in the Ukraine conflict highlights the disputing views about whether Russia or Ukraine is truly responsible for the unfolding developments of the regional crisis.

Reports have emerged claiming that a Redditor has gotten Ukrainian soldiers killed in a school bunker by taking selfies which were later geolocated by Russian forces.

In case you missed it, tune into Alex Jones’ Saturday broadcast breaking down the latest Ukraine-Russia developments:

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