Lindsey Graham Calls for Investigation into Hunter Biden’s Foreign Business Ties

Lindsey Graham Calls for Investigation into Hunter Biden's Foreign Business Ties

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) gave air to the possibility that Joe Biden won’t get to be president because of the ongoing tax investigation into his son, Hunter.

Graham sat for an interview with Fox & Friends on Tuesday, where he was asked about outgoing Attorney General Bill Barr’s announcement that he has “no plan” to launch a special counsel for the Hunter tax probe. While he praised Barr for his time as AG, Graham disagreed with Barr’s decision against a special counsel before tearing into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

This led to Graham floating the notion that Joe Biden’s presidency will be undermined before it begins:

I want somebody to look at all the overseas activity of Hunter Biden, see if this compromised the foreign policy of President Biden — if he gets to be president — and the guy in Delaware doesn’t have that mandate. So I respectfully disagree. If it were up to me, I would take the U.S. Attorney in Delaware and give him the entire Hunter Biden portfolio so he could look at everything Hunter Biden did throughout the world, which is pretty massive, industrial-sized influence peddling. I think we need a special counsel because I worry that what Hunter Biden did may have compromised our ability to effectively wage foreign policy.

Graham went on with a continued call for a special counsel, and that “somebody at Department of Justice, before the next administration comes in if President Trump falls short, will appoint somebody that can outlast the confirmation process that will be in place, that can’t be fired.” A reminder: Trump has already “fallen short” since the Electoral College has affirmed the 2020 election results. Trump failed to prove in court that it was corrupted by mass fraud.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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