Kayleigh McEnany, Fox News Hosts Complain ‘Debbie Downer’ Jen Psaki Isn’t Delivering More Good News on Russian Invasion, Inflation

Kayleigh McEnany, Fox News Hosts Complain ‘Debbie Downer’ Jen Psaki Isn’t Delivering More Good News on Russian Invasion, Inflation

Kayleigh McEnany and the hosts of Friday’s Outnumbered are tired of the bad news White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been delivering to reporters.

“Do you remember that SNL character, Debbie Downer?” McEnany asked her fellow hosts, referring to Rachel Dratch’s reoccurring sketch. “Every time I turn on the press briefing it’s Deeeeeebbie downer.”

The remark was made while the hosts were discussing rising inflation rates in the United States, including Carley Shimkus hitting at President Joe Biden for pinning higher prices on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Inflation is at a four-year high. That doesn’t happen overnight,” she said. “And you know the president said that he’s going to try and get U.S. farmers to ramp up food production to try to lower prices because of this wheat shortage, but that’s going to be really hard to do because a lot of farmers are maxed out.”

Shimkus went on to note that costs of fertilizer and other items necessary for farming are “through the roof” due to inflation, which is causing problems in the agricultural industry.

Shimkus and Emily Compagno then faulted Biden for “not trying” and failing to offer any solutions on rising costs.

While Biden has pinned higher costs on the markets’ reaction to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, as the U.S. imposed sanctions in response to the unprovoked war, he has also proposed a solution for high inflation.

“Making it in America is one of the ways we can address our cost and supply chain challenges,” Biden said earlier this month. “When we build products we need, we don’t have to wait and we reduce shipping costs and we can get goods moving faster.”

McEnany, who served as press secretary under former President Donald Trump amid the ongoing pandemic, then turned her attention to Psaki, faulting her for relaying bad news to reporters.

“Every time I turn on the press briefing it’s Deeebbie Downer,” she said. “You know, Putin is about to invade — oh, he might use chemical weapons. Oh, expect inflation, oh, higher gas prices on the way.”

“It’s like, we did not elect you to do the status quo, read the tea leaves, we elected you to change the status quo. I’m tired of Debbie Downer,” said McEnany, who is personally aware that the public does not elect press secretaries, and that the job of a press secretary is to brief reporters, regardless of how bad the news is.

“Make those events not happen by being strong on the world stage and fixing problems here at home. I’m tired of Debbie Downer,” McEnany added.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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