‘I’m Sorry’: MSNBC’s Katy Tur Apologizes to Crying Former Ukrainian Lawmaker Pleading For a No-Fly Zone

‘I’m Sorry’: MSNBC’s Katy Tur Apologizes to Crying Former Ukrainian Lawmaker Pleading For a No-Fly Zone

MSNBC’s Katy Tur ended a very emotional interview Tuesday with Hannah Hopko, a former member of the Ukrainian parliament, by apologizing for the lack of help Ukraine is getting to fight off the brutal Russian invasion as Hopko broke down into tears.

As Hopko explained to Tur the situation on the ground in Ukraine she noted, “Mariupol is in siege. 400,000 people now without water. One died because of dehydration. The world must demonstrate leadership.”

Tur jumped in and said, “I just read a couple lines about that and I had to stop reading because I was going to break down. The idea this little girl died of dehydration alone because the mom wasn’t there any longer.

Hopko couldn’t contain her emotions any longer and began crying as Tur spoke.

“It’s — it is horrible. I understand it’s horrible. There are a lot of Americans out there who, sorry, want a no-fly zone as well but, again, what we’re hearing from officials they don’t want to start another World War,” Tur noted referencing Hopko’s earlier comments for a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

“That is not explanation,” Hopko responded. “Look, this is not just this one kid. You saw this picture of [ inaudible ] killed and cannot just watch how many Ukrainians dying. I’m asking Biden — I’m asking congress please help our nation during the last century when Ukraine suffered during the World War genocide, the U.S. Recognized the soviet union, actually when were killed by hunger.”

“I don’t understand why — why we have to convince everybody this is about humanity,” Hopko continued as her connection created some static.

“Hanna, I’m — I’m sorry,” Tur said pausing as Hopko continued crying. “It’s awful. It’s just terrible. Hanna in Poland, thank you for joining us. At the very least we are happy you are safe right now. Thank you,” said Tur concluding the interview.

Watch the full clip above via MSNBC

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