‘I Beg You to Understand the Anguish’: Fox’s Geraldo Rivera Makes Emotional Appeal to Colleagues on Adam Toledo Shooting

‘I Beg You to Understand the Anguish’: Fox’s Geraldo Rivera Makes Emotional Appeal to Colleagues on Adam Toledo Shooting

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera got emotional on Friday as he talked about the police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo.

The Five opened Friday talking about Toledo and the disturbing body cam footage of the shooting. In that segment, Rivera said it’s a tragic situation, and while the officer may be able to claim self-defense, “You understand that this is why Black and brown families are terrified of encounters with police.”

Jeanine Pirro responded by saying, “They tell him ‘stop, stop now, show me your hands, show me your hands, drop it, drop it now,’ and there is one second, less than a second, between the time he sees the gun and the time he is shot. The cop doesn’t know whether or not that teenager, this 13-year-old, is turning with the gun to drop it or to shoot him, or if he is looking at the cop as a target. Let’s not dillydally around this.”

Fox News cut away for President Joe Biden’s joint press conference with the Japanese prime minister, wherein the president said he’s still committed to getting gun control done.

After the press conference, Sean Duffy said, “If there’s one thing that Joe Biden and all these activists, whether it’s AOC and Tlaib and Black Lives Matter, the message they should be giving is follow the direction of law enforcement. If you’re pulled over, don’t run!”

Duffy said the “consistent theme” with Toledo and Daunte Wright and George Floyd was “not following the direction of law enforcement.”

He went on to say, “We do have to look at the whole picture. Why wasn’t Adam—why wasn’t he in school? Why was he out at 2:00 in the morning? Why did he have a gun? Why was he part of a gang? Where were his parents, where was social services, and why in the hell hasn’t the teacher unions opened up their schools so he was in bed going to school the next day instead of being a gang member?”

Rivera said he understands the risks cops make every day before making this emotional appeal to his colleagues:

“I beg you to understand the anguish in the families of color who are watching the news on a nightly basis looking at their child and worrying when that child goes out that that child may never come back, and fearing the cops, not the way so many in other neighborhoods, people look at the cops. ‘Oh, what a relief, there’s the police officer.’ That’s not the case in many areas in this country and all the protests that you saw last summer. We have emphasized the riots and the looting and condemned them appropriately, but that represents a real reflection of the anguish and rage about police violence that’s out there. When you see this video and they parse it, and then if you continue the video, I don’t think we’ve shown it, and you see the 13-year-old kid with special needs and no father at home, to answer Sean’s point, bleeding from his mouth as his life goes out — if we, the most respected news organization in the nation, perhaps, don’t recognize the anguish of the people watching the 13-year-old’s life going out of his body, then we don’t deserve the ratings. We don’t deserve it. We have to be sensitive to the way they see life.”

Rivera got heated in two separate discussions with Dan Bongino this week about the shooting of Daunte Wright. In one of those segments, Rivera said, “Too many Black mothers are more fearful of the police than they are of crooks when their sons go out. A 20-year-old should not end up dead because of an expired registration.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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