‘How Cowardly:’ Fox’s Harris Faulkner Eviscerates Eric Adams For ‘Dropping the Race Card’

'How Cowardly:' Fox’s Harris Faulkner Eviscerates Eric Adams For 'Dropping the Race Card'

Fox News’ Outnumbered lit into New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday after Adams admonished the press on Tuesday during a news conference for a lack of diversity.

“I’m a Black man that’s the mayor but my story is being interpreted by people who don’t look like me. We got to be honest about that,” Adams said in Albany.

“Diversify your newsrooms so I can look out and see people who look like me,” Adams added, before saying, “if this is how this is going to be, I’m just going to come in and do my announcements and bounce. Why am I even answering these questions? And it happens over and over and over again.”

Outnumbered host Harris Faulkner took particular issue with Adams’ threat to stop taking questions from journalists.

Faulkner started, saying, “I don’t know what he is talking about. The reason he got hired has to do with a completely different, other color. Blue. He was a 22-year veteran of the NYPD who said he could deal with crime differently and more effectively.”

Faulkner continued, “How Black, by the way, do you have to be? Because do not make me pull out the receipts of how many times I personally have reached out to this mayor. My show was the first place he ever landed on this network.”

Noting that Adams has since stopped coming on her show or Fox News, she continued:

Then he was running for mayor and he wanted something different. I get it. I’m still a reporter and I’m still a journalist. I am still waiting, as well. It is not about what we look like. And for the mayor to say that is really shortsighted because the ink is also one color. When they print those newspapers, they don’t care about the color of your skin. But they care about is have you brought on the crime statistics that Kayleigh has talked about?

So, I’m asking on behalf of all of those who might be offended by what you’ve said because even when I show up, no matter what you think may come out of my mouth, I’m still the reporter whether you can see the color of my skin or not. It’s offensive but you know what it is mostly? It’s cowardly. That’s not what you expect from a 22-year veteran of the NYPD. How disappointing. How cowardly of him not to take questions. I’m going to stave off access from the press.

Faulkner continued, ripping into Adams, suggesting that “maybe he caught that from president Biden when he was here for the first of two funerals.”

Faulkner concluded with one last mic drop on Adams:

You heard the mayor speak beautifully at Jason Rivera’s funeral in the eulogy. About one week later, the president shows up and suddenly I’m not taking questions and the media is racist. Or not Black enough. Whatever he is saying. He is dropping the race card. He’s pointing the fingers at newsrooms and this is not enough. You know what? You are not enough. Sit down and take some questions.

Cohost Emily Compagno then jumped in, saying, “He is taking out of the playbook of Mayor Lori Lightfoot” – referencing the mayor of Chicago, who has also called for more diversity in the press corps.

“I agree. It is disappointing because I had a lot of hope in him,” Compagno continued. “When you talk about colors, we all bleed red. All people want is for that blood to stop flowing on the street, for it to be safe again.”

“Amen,” Faulkner responded.

Watch the full clip above via Fox News

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