GOP Rep Demands White House, Big Tech Keep Hunter Biden Records for Possible Cover-up Probe

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The authenticity of emails extracted from the Mac that Hunter Biden reportedly abandoned at a Delaware repair shop in 2019 before it fell into the hands of the FBI, was confirmed on 16 March by The New York Times. Previously, at the height of the 2020 presidential campaign, the paper had dismissed the laptop story as “Russian disinformation.” 

Citing the need for “full truth” and “complete accountability”, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., has written letters to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, Chief of staff Ronald Klain, *Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, as well as multiple former US intelligence officials, and others, demanding that they preserve all Hunter Biden-related records.

Issa has been calling out the mainstream media and social media over a “conspiracy of monumental size” regarding the censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop story in the run-up to the 2020 Presidential Elections.

These materials, according to the republican politician, would be instrumental in driving a thorough GOP probe into how Big Tech and media colluded to suppress the Hunter Biden scandals if they win back a majority in the November midterm elections.

“I write to request you immediately initiate document preservation for all materials relating to questions, inquiry, conversation, strategy, and response, from 2020 to current, to the media reporting of the Hunter Biden laptop and/or its contents that first appeared in the New York Post on October 14, 2020,” stated Issa in the letters shared with Fox News.

Underscoring that material preservation was critical for Congress to be able to carry out a fact-finding inquiry into actions by technology companies, media and political allies “to suppress information and prevent public awareness of matters involving the Biden Family,” Darrell Issa added in a statement to Fox News:

“We already know for a fact that Big Tech colluded with some of the nation’s most powerful media and most influential Democrat partisans in the intelligence community to suppress the truth, censor fact-based journalism, and cover for the Biden family. Now the full truth and complete accountability must follow.”

Darrell Issa was one of many Republicans who were outraged after The New York Times confirmed last week the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop after dismissing the original article in the New York Post (NYP) almost a year and a half ago as “Russian disinformation”.

In 2020, the NYP alleged that the Mac belonging to Hunter Biden that he left at a repair shop in Delaware in 2019 contained several emails questioning claims by Joe Biden that he never used his former position as vice president to aid his son in the latter’s foreign business dealings. At the time, then-US President Donald Trump dubbed the device “the laptop from hell”.Back then, NYT claimed the New York Post story on the laptop was unsubstantiated, and social media companies had moved quickly to suspended The Post’s accounts and blocked users from sharing the story, citing policies that prohibit distribution of hacked material.

However, in its 16 March report about the ongoing federal probe into Hunter Biden’s unpaid tax bills, the NYT said that when looking into the younger Biden’s business dealings certain emails had been scrutinised by prosecutors.

According to The New York Times, the emails in question were obtained by them from “a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr Biden in a Delaware repair shop”.

Furthermore, “the email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation”.

‘Watergate-Level’ Scandal

After this admission by NYT, Issa slammed the censorship related to the Hunter Biden story as amounting to a Watergate-level scandal.

“This is the most consequential political scandal since Watergate, and it deserves an investigation in Congress no less robust and no less bipartisan than that one,” said the congressman.

He tweeted on 17 March that he was calling for a Congressional investigation into how “big tech, mainstream media, and the Democrat industrial complex colluded to suppress the Hunter Biden scandals — and during the last days of the 2020 election.”

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) also went on Twitter to say that Donald Trump, the republicans had been right.

“Big Tech engaged in a cover-up to help Joe Biden win the election. They need to be held accountable.”

Last week Darrell Issa remarked that while he realised that Joe Biden would be “finishing out his term as corrupt as we now know he is”, the “big crime” was that the New York Post had come out with “credible evidence”, but was shut down by the “New York Times”, “public broadcasting”, and “by having more than fifty of the most informed people in the intelligence world, all saying that they knew that this was false information.”

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