Fox’s John Roberts Notes Senators Have Not Asked Ketanji Brown Jackson if She ‘Drinks Beer’

Fox’s John Roberts Notes Senators Have Not Asked Ketanji Brown Jackson if She ‘Drinks Beer’

Fox News host John Roberts commented on the contrast regarding how senators are treating Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson relative to Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who faced grueling confirmation hearings.

Republicans have asked Jackson about her thoughts on critical race theory and her previous rulings on child pornography cases.

But her entire life has not been put under a microscope. There also appears to be a consensus she is supremely qualified for the bench.

During Tuesday’s confirmation hearing, Roberts noted a shift in the “tone and tenor,” of Jackson’s treatment from lawmakers. More specifically, he noted Jackson has not been asked if she drinks beer.

On America Reports, Roberts and co-host Sandra Smith aired a clip of Jackson discussing how she would approach judicial decisions, if confirmed.

Jackson said judges must “rule without fear or favor.”

Roberts asked Former Assistant Attorney Andy McCarthy, “Do you think she’ll win any Republicans over with that argument, Andy?”

McCarthy accused Jackson of avoiding “discussing philosophy.”

“I think [Sen. John] Cornyn pointed out, as a Supreme Court Justice, you have a lot more leeway to get out of your methodology and kind of impose the law,” McCarthy added.

Smith then stated:

Really interesting, Andy. You stop for a moment and you see the exchanges that we have seen so far and the way the day has gone so far for this nominee, and you are reminded what, you know, Brett Kavanaugh went through, Amy Coney Barrett, and the stark difference in the way that the nominee is being questioned by in this case Republicans of the nominee.

McCarthy gave “credit” to Senate Republicans for showing Brown’s confirmation a level of respect, relative to how Democrats treated both Kavanaugh and Barrett.

Roberts then made a reference to times when Kavanaugh was asked about drinking beer during his contentious confirmation hearings.

“There’s no question there is a huge difference in tone and tenor,” Roberts said of Brown’s confirmation process. “She has not been asked even whether she drinks beer, let alone what beer she drinks.”

Kavanaugh was repeatedly grilled by Democrats in 2018 after he was accused of sexually assaulting Christine Blasey Ford at a party when he was a teenager.

Despite efforts by Senate Democrats to tank his nomination, Kavanaugh was eventually confirmed.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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