EPIC: UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Blasts Biden Family Corruption in Ukraine, Slams Calls For War

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UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell issued an epic takedown of the Biden crime family when asked whether the U.S. should go to war with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

During a UFC 272 press conference last Wednesday, undefeated 27-year-old Mitchell was asked by a reporter to give his take on the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

“Here’s my first thought, I’m not going nowhere to fight none of these wars for these politicians. I’m staying at home. And when the war comes to Arkansas, I will dig my boots in the ground, and I will die for everything I love, and I will not retreat if this country is invaded,” Mitchell told the reporter.

“And everybody is saying, well, we got to leave,” he continued. “I will not. I will dig my boots into Arkansas soil, and I will fight for the people that I love, for the land that I love, and the way of life that I love. But I’m not going overseas to fight.”

“I don’t know what’s going on, to be honest, brother. I really don’t. There’s so much stuff, and I don’t think nobody knows what’s going on fully,” he added.

Mitchell then pointed out the corruption in Ukraine linked to Joe Biden and his crackhead son Hunter Biden, calling their shady activities “treasonous.”

“There’s been so much political corruption in that area. You got Biden and his son making a shit-ton of money off of, uh, and using our tax dollars to bribe their people,” Mitchell said.

“That’s treasonous in my opinion. So you got Biden and his son using our tax dollars: ‘Hey, Ukrainian government, if you don’t do this, we’re taking your tax dollars,’” he continued.

“He shouldn’t be giving our tax dollars to that country anyways. We got veterans out here sleeping on the street, and you’re going to give our freaking tax dollars to these Ukrainians and all?” Mitchell concluded.

Mitchell on Saturday ended up trouncing Edson Barboza for three straight rounds on the UFC 272 main card at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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