Disinfo Agent John Brennan Warns of Russian Disinfo on MSNBC

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Deep State swamp creature and former CIA Director John Brennan claimed Russia is waging a disinformation war, despite much disinformation coming from Western media and pro-Ukraine sources.

Speaking with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, Brennan suggested any disinfo that disagrees with NATO’s position on Russia could be considered a “lethal threat,” and alleged Russian President Vladimir Putin is reliant on disinformation in order to psychologically manipulate the Russian people.

“What is sort of your thought about the need for all of us to treat fake news and propaganda like the lethal threat to democracy that we can see on our TV screens it is?” Wallace asked.

“Well, it just shows how autocrats, like Mr. Putin and others, use information and misinformation, disinformation, to shape the minds and attitudes and actions of their citizenry,” said Brennan, who supported the discredited probe into fraudulent allegations of Trump-Russia collusion.

“And so, therefore, I think the truth is something that Mr. Putin terribly fears and which is why he is going to try to choke off any type of flow of information about what actually is happening in Ukraine,” the Obama-era CIA Director stated.

“But in this day of social media, in this day of text messages and emails and other types of things, I am certain that more and more of the accurate information is going to get into Russia and this is Putin’s war. It’s not Russia’s war. And I’m sure more and more Russians are going to just be appalled by what is being done by their country in Ukraine, where they have family ties and other types of ties that run back centuries upon centuries,” Brennan said.

Of course, the top Democrat intelligence official did not acknowledge the loads of disinformation disseminated by pro-Ukrainian Western media sources and social media, which have been flooded with fake news amidst the fog of war.

From the phony “Ghost of Kiev” fable, to the “Snake Island” hoax, to the fabricated Russian attack on a Ukrainian nuclear power plant, it’s becoming apparent almost none of the media’s big Ukraine stories have been true.

Brennan added, “I do believe that Putin’s days are numbered and may be in the double digits,” a curious statement given the CIA’s track record of imposing regime change on other nations, as it’s suspected to have done during the 2014 western-backed coup d’état that resulted in the removal of democratically elected, Russia-friendly Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Mutually Assured Destruction


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