Dershowitz Tells Newsmax Hosts, ‘I Haven’t Seen Anything That Points Directly to Hillary Clinton’ in Durham Probe

Dershowitz Tells Newsmax Hosts, ‘I Haven’t Seen Anything That Points Directly to Hillary Clinton’ in Durham Probe

Alan Dershowitz appeared on Newsmax Thursday to give his reaction to a motion filed by Special Counsel John Durham.

Durham was appointed in 2019 by then-Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate the origins of the probe into potential ties between Donald Trump and Russia. That investigation wrapped up with the release of the Mueller Report.

The motion contained technical jargon about access a Clinton campaign attorney had to nonpublic, but also not-entirely-private internet data from servers at Trump Tower and the White House in 2016 and 2017. That attorney is Michael Sussmann, who has been indicted for making a false statement to the FBI.

Right-wing media has run wild with the story, claiming Clinton hacked and spied on Trump. However, these accounts are unfounded based on available information. Moreover, Durham himself has yet to bring forth any hacking-related charges.

Newsmax host Sean Spicer laid out the facts of the case before asking Dershowitz, “What’s the real deal?”

“Well, as usual it’s split down the middle,” he replied. “It is a big deal and it constitutes probable cause for believing that people in the Clinton campaign were certainly involved in dirty politics. Whether they crossed the line to criminality – let’s not rush to judgment.”

Dershowitz observed that the report has yet to be released and said the indictments the probe has notched so far are “process crimes” instead of “substantive indictments.” He predicted the investigation would reveal “very, very dirty politics” practiced by some people on Clinton’s campaign.

He stated he is a friend of Clinton’s who is “disappointed.” But, he added, “I haven’t seen anything that points directly to Hillary Clinton.”

Watch above via Newsmax.

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