Dan Bongino Sounds the Alarm on Visa, Mastercard Cutting Off Conservatives After Suspending Service to Russia: ‘That’s Not a Conspiracy Theory!’

Dan Bongino Sounds the Alarm on Visa, Mastercard Cutting Off Conservatives After Suspending Service to Russia: ‘That’s Not a Conspiracy Theory!’

Fox News’ Dan Bongino claimed it’s “not a conspiracy theory” to believe the Left will look at Russia’s increasing financial isolation as a source of inspiration for how to go after their domestic political enemies.

On Saturday, Bongino spoke to Kara Frederick of the Heritage Foundation about how the war in Ukraine is sparking concerns about Russian misinformation. Bongino claimed the war is sparking calls within the U.S. for more people to be censored, so he asked “Does the war in Ukraine open the door for these political narratives, for them to abuse that label and start attacking conservatives?”

“It absolutely opens the door. They are going to politicize everything they can,” Frederick answered. “Remember, ‘disinformation’ for the Left means things that don’t agree with our narrative, things that the Biden administration doesn’t agree with.”

Frederick continued to blame “the ruling class” and “big tech oligarchs” for the fog of war in Ukraine. The conversation came as Russia has launched a crackdown on independent news outlets, plus they shut down access to Facebook in response to the social media website’s efforts to combat state-controlled media disinformation.

Eventually, Bongino turned toward the news that Visa and Mastercard are suspending their credit card services in Russia. This prompted the Fox host to wonder what kind of domestic implications this’ll have.

The saddest part about this whole thing: I’m out to dinner with my wife tonight before I got on the air, and we’re having a conversation, and she asked me about Mastercard. She’s like ‘What do you think about Mastercard cutting off Putin and Russia, and then PayPal and other payment services?’ I said ‘Y’know what? Ordinarily I would say wow that’s really terrific, good, it will put some pressure on them.’ But you know what seriously concerns me? That the Left will see this as a bat-signal to go and turn this on their political enemies here at home. And by the way, that’s not a conspiracy theory! They’ve already done this kind of stuff.

Bongino claimed one example of this was Stripe last year when they stopped processing payments for the Trump campaign website. He neglected to point out that the company made their decision in the aftermath of January 6th, when they determined that the former president violated their policies by encouraging the violent mob which laid siege to the U.S. Capitol.

The discussion went on with Frederick claiming “Russia is a test run for what they can do to their domestic enemies here in the United States.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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