Canadian Police ARREST Mother in Front of Crying Children After Failing to Show Proof of Vaccination

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Footage out of Canada shows Canadian police arresting a mother in front of her children for the crime of not showing her Covid vaccine passport.

In the viral video posted to Facebook Thursday, a mom visiting a local community center in Ripley, Ontario, can be seen being detained by two officers, as two crying children look on in horror and another child hugs her leg.

An officer informs the mom and the man filming that the manager of the facility wants them to leave, and tells them they’re trespassing.

The man filming argues they’re not trespassing as they’re taking part in recreational activities at a public tax-payer funded facility.

Police suddenly handcuff the mom, who they proceed to take to a police vehicle.

Meanwhile, the person filming claims he was never asked for his papers.

“OPP [Ontario Provincial Police] officers at Ripley Arena arresting Sara for not providing her vaccination status. Our streets are safer! They were ok with me not providing mine,” a caption on Facebook reads.

“We’re being arrested for participating in skating,” the man filming says after returning indoors where the children are crying for their mother.

Rebel News reports the mother was taken offsite, issued a fine, and returned to the community center.

In a later comment, responding to a question about how Sara was doing, Dawson said: “The Kincardine OPP detachment drove Sara in cuffs to the Ripley Public School, issued her a $65 ticket alleging trespassing, drove her back to the Ripley Arena, and told her she’s banned from the arena.”

Here’s the full altercation:

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