‘Beyond Disgusting!’ Thom Hartmann Rips ‘Racist Grandstanding By White Republican Senators’ At KBJ Hearing

‘Beyond Disgusting!’ Thom Hartmann Rips ‘Racist Grandstanding By White Republican Senators’ At KBJ Hearing

Liberal talk show host Thom Hartmann tore into some Republicans over their “disgusting” behavior at confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackon, which he called “racist grandstanding.”

Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearings played out over several days this week with a string of Republican senators attacking the nominee to the point of badgering.

Mr. Hartmann spoke out about the hearings on an episode of The Thom Hartmann Program earlier this week

Raphael Warnock, a Democrat from Georgia who’s also Black, he said, you know, I don’t, I do think it’s a legitimate question to ask if these, and he’s speaking of these Republican senators, would be asking these questions if she wasn’t a Black woman, basically asking her to defend the 1619 Project. She has nothing to do with that! Oh, but it has a Black woman who put it together. Don’t you know?

If she defends critical race theory? Critical race theory has? You know, it’s it’s not even taught in our schools. And yet Marsha Blackburn kept saying, Oh, we’re, and Ted Cruz, oh, critical race theory in kindergarten.

This is all just grandstanding. And, I might add, racist grandstanding by white Republican senators. Talking about parental rights, talking about mask mandates, talking about transgender women in sports, everything they could do to try to just smear her and get that little 60-second sound bite. And it’s frankly pathetic. It’s a terrible reflection on today’s Republican Party. It validates the point that I’ve made on this program over and over and over again that that the Republican Party has been captured. Not that there wasn’t ever a shortage of racists and misogynists in it, but it has been captured basically, particularly since the Trump era, by new fascists who ground there their love and hope for an authoritarian dictatorship in the United States in their belief that white people are the superior race and therefore should run everything, and that men are superior to women and therefore women should always be subordinate to them and do whatever they say. And, you know, and there are attempts to put this into law by rolling back Supreme Court decisions and passing legislation and grandstanding like this. I’m just…

I don’t know how to say it any more strongly, I was so offended by the disrespect that was shown to an extraordinary woman, an extraordinary legal scholar, by these white people on the Senate Judiciary Committee, by these white Republicans. It was beyond disgusting.

Watch above via The Thom Hartmann Program.

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