Alan Dershowitz Rips Newsmax Guest Who Called Ketanji Brown Jackson ‘This Chick’ Just Moments Before on Same Show

Alan Dershowitz Rips Newsmax Guest Who Called Ketanji Brown Jackson 'This Chick' Just Moments Before on Same Show

Alan Dershowitz said on Newsmax he has “enjoyed” watching Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing this week and ripped an earlier guest over her remarks about the Supreme Court nominee.

Appearing on Spicer & Keith, conservative podcaster Stacy Washington, who, like the nominee is Black, said there has been too much focus on Jackson’s race. She also referenced Jackson’s response to a senator’s question asking her to define “woman.” Jackson replied that she could not answer because “I’m not a biologist.”

Washington told hosts Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith, “I’m tired of them talking about who she is – her characteristics,” Washington said. “She’s a woman, or maybe not since she doesn’t know what women are. And she’s Black, and we happen to have the same hair. We both have sisterlocks, so I was thinking to myself, there’s gotta be something I can find to say nice about this chick, but she really angered me yesterday with that lackluster performance.”

Shorty after, Dershowitz appeared on the show and offered his reaction.

“I enjoyed very much watching Judge Jackson,” he began, before predicting she will be confirmed with some Republican votes.

“She’s not dumb, and she’s not a chick,” he continued. “And I think it was very insulting that some of your prior guests really demeaned her in that way. Yeah, it’s difficult to define what is a woman these days. I agree with that. She’s a woman. She said she was a woman.”

Dershowitz then gave an impassioned defense of Jackson’s reply to the “woman” question.

“But if you have somebody who was born a woman and the age of 18 or 19 transitioned and had surgery and has lived the life of a man or vice versa for 10, or 15 years – these are not easy questions to answer these days,” he stated. “And these are questions that might come before a judge. You’re gonna have cases where there are gonna be challenges to swimming champions, who have testosterone and were born as men, and then are women. There are going to be difficult questions about that.”

Dershowitz added that he hopes there will be a transgender justice on the Supreme Court some day “if he, she is the most qualified person to serve.”

Watch above via Newsmax.

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